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27th Janry 1917

Motored to Boulogne in Col Curlings car. My leave commences tomorrow.

28 Janry to 7 Feb


7 Febry 1917

Returned 12 midnight.


8 Febry 1917

Went to No 15 in morning and showed Nicholson letter from Brigade about pipe leading to oil supply on winch.

Gifford reported rubber on parachute caps varied m very much.

Visited No 2 Section in afternoon and had tea with Nelson at 5th Balloon Co

9 Febry 1917

Lt Dixon (H Q R F C) 2nd Lt Harding (No1 AD) and Capt No1 AD came to lunch and examined No 25 Section Winch P8 in afternoon. Went through Nelson’s report seriatim. Dixon admitted complaints were proved and bad. The parts referred to in No7 at 1AD.

10 Febry 1917

Attended at Ottowa Farm and conducted Prosecution of Corpl Mannel at 10am. Accused found guilty. Capt Lee acted as prisoner’s friend.

Lunched at No 15 and visited their transport with Nicholson.

Campbell went on leave.

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