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27 Apl cont

small box respirator and one pair of sponge goggles.


28 Apl 1917

Dull morning and view poor in afternoon. Went to 2nd AAP with indents in afternoon. Most of the Officers had been inoculated and Major Lee was in bed.

Col Macneece was inoculated.

Bought fish.


29 Apl 1917

Poor view in morning but good in afternoon. All balloons up.

Went to 38 Sectn in morning and inspected their camp and progress made on tramway.

Visited No 25 in evening. German aeroplane flew over at 12000 ft and was shot at by No 25’s machine gunners. CO praised straf and referred Lee to Orders on the subject.

Thoroughly inspected No25’s balloon but was unable to find anything to account for serious loss of lift.

Dined at No 25.

Called at N2 C C S and saw Stringer.

7th Corps new Camp heavily shelled.

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