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26th June contd


36 holes in balloon many of which were charred but the fabric did not ignite.

Went to No2 and took them another parachute.

Col went up in balloon before the holes were repaired. The balloon was afterwards hauled down and repaired and was put up again within 2 hours.

9 Officers who have parachuted during the week, dined here.


27th June 1917

Thick hazy morning. 16 German balloons visible from our hill.

Went to No 9 and 16th Coy in morning. Lunched at 6 th Coy. Informed Briggs that a report was required on BMS121D.

At 3pm No 15’s Balloon BMS129D was attacked by EA and burnt. Lt Smellie and Horncastle made safe parachute descents. Smellie’s parachute was badly torn but he came down all right.

One of the Wing’s balloons was also burnt at about 5.30pm.

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