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23rd August 1917

Arrived at Boulogne at 1.30pm Got a lift in a tender to Pop and arrived back here about 8.30 pm.


Very windy gusty day. No 25 and 38’s balloons were caught in a squall whilst being walked to their beds and were destroyed. These two balloons were BMS 58 and 132. Balloons BMS 156 and 153 were allotted in replacement.


24th August 1917

Windy day, no ballooning. Went to Nos 16, 25 and 47 Sections. Martyn called and informed me position of machine gun stands.


25th August 1817

Windy day. Balloons up.


Visited 7th Coy and went with Nicholson to No15 and 38 Sections and found everything in order. BMS 156 inflated with 185 tubes


26th August 1917

Windy day. No ballooning.


Went to 6th Coy and No 32 Section. Very heavy rain in evening. Went down to No 25 Section and 5th Coy after dinner.

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