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7 Sept contd

Went to Dickiebush Store dump and selected place for tube dump.

Col Collier and Silverstone lunched here.

Went to Store dump and pointed out spot for tube dump.


8th September 1917

No view all day owing to haze.

Went to R T O Ouderdom in morning but he was not in.

Visited Nos 18 and 13 Sections and inspected parachutes at No 13 Section.

Saw R T O Ouderdom (Capt Machmin) in afternoon and fixed up working details of tube dump at Dickiebisch.

Tested No 36th Section’s winch worked satisfactorily 500 ft per min. Tension 10 cwt.


9th September 1917

Hot day. Balloons up in afternoon but view poor.

Went to Dickiebusch tube dump with Silverstone and handed over party to him. Charley was there and he made arrangements about accommodation.

Met Stringer in Pop. Visited No 9 Section and 6th Coy H Q in afternoon.

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