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16th Sept contd

Considerable shelling of No 36 and 18’s Camp on ground.

Visited No 13, 18 and 36 and ascertained all wireless stations in commission.

Examined No 18’s balloon BMS71 and found it leaking badly at diagonal seams.

17th September 1917

Fine in early morning. Windy and no view later. Attempts at ballooning but too much wind.

No 47 Section were shelled during the night. The winch petrol tank was badly holed and the balloon was hit. One was killed and one wounded.

I went down to No 47 Section at 5.30am and inspected Petrol tank, and arranged for it to be repaired in workshop lorry .

Called at 36 Sectn and ascertained tests had been made with another pressure a gauge, which appeared to work satisfactorily.

Visited No 18 and inspected their new 

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