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2nd October 1917

Fine sunny day, but no view.

Col Byng lunched here. Took him to 32 and showed him large Caequot Balloon.

No work done with balloons owing to mist.


3rd October 1917

Fine day. Visibility fair at times.

All balloons up. Weather breaking. Wind backed to SW. Rain during night, but not enough to do harm.

Zero hour at 6am tomorrow.

Examination of Observers on Probation held at Wing HQ at 9am. Higman and I were board as usual. 4 Candidates.


4th October 1917

Rain and wind in morning. No view all day. Wind increased and more rain in afternoon.

Visited No 18 Section in morning and inspected their balloon, which was holed in two places whilst I was there. Shells falling close to balloon and Camp in Ypres.

Lunched at 7th Coy. Went to No 38 and inspected their balloon which had also been hit by

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