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14th October 1917

Misty morning. Not much wind.

The Col and I went up in No 32’s balloon to test its lift. It took him and me to 4000ft. The view was poor, Ploegstreet being only just visible.

Called at 17th Coy’s Transport and saw Charley. Interviewed Sergt Francis.

Examined machine gun stand.

Went to 13th Section and had a look at their balloon but it was too dark to examine it with leak detector.

5th Balloon Wing had their next balloon to ours burnt at 5.30pm. (No34 Sectn Lt Glen) 18 Targets done.


15 October 1917

Fine day. Good view. 41 targets done.

Examination of Observers on Probation held at Wing. Highman and I were board on technical matters. Forsythe, Wright, Marshall and Brown were examined.

Brown failed.

No 47 had a direct hit on their Chart Room just as balloon was ascending. Killing Lt Whitehead and 2nd AM Garderene

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