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21st Nov 1917 contd

dinner party.


22nd Nov 1917

Foggy day. No ballooning.

Col left at 8.30am for Boulogne on transfer to Home Establishment. Baker went with him.

Inspected No 9 Section’s Lighthouse.

Went to 1st Army Corps with Higman abut trench being dug across No 9’s old balloon bed.

Winch P78 arrived for No 36 Section.


23rd Nov 1917

Foggy day. Balloons up but no work done owing to bad visibility.

No 13’s balloon was destroyed (burnt) by a bomb in the afternoon.

Stevenson from 1A D arrived and I took him to No 36 Section and examined winch which was passed as satisfactory.

Lunched at 17th Coy.

No 18 Sections Camp was bombed in evening. Telephone lorry and chart room destroyed and Winch burnt. (SN 508) Telephonist killed and two men wounded.

18 Section’s Balloon BMS 179 was hit and 50 holes made by bombs.

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