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10 MON.   Fine sunny day ground mist in morning. 7.30am 33 Bdgr HA sent a request to let up balloon in ballast as 18in Siege were being heavily shelled. 9.20 am balloon up in ballast 10am balloon and winch shelled. One shell burst 20 yds in front of winch protection and one 40 behind. Working party at old bed had narrow escape. I dug up fuze cap and shell pieces (No3) Ordered by CO not to do any more digging of shell holes. Gavin up in afternoon cable nearly severed. Cpl Lewis killed.

11 TUES.  Slept in bell tent. Wet night. Wet cold morning no ballooning. New Office lorry arrived and towed to new camp by caterpillar. Caterpillar crossed ditches in extraordinary way. Man fainted from exhaustion. Poperinghe shelled heavily. Heard shells passing over our camp.

12 WED.  Very wet cold day. Strong wind SW no ballooning. Decided to apply for transfer. Called at No 2 Squadron and engd formalities. Mcneece told me to apply personally to Capt Blake. Went on and dined with No 2 Sectn. Had merry evening. Retd 12.30am. Sprosen fainted at No 2 and had to be left there.

13 THUR . Strong wind NW no ballooning. Saw Blake before breakfast and made application to transfer. Behaved very well. Told him exactly what we thought of him. He apologised and promised to curb his temper in future and we arranged not to proceed with our application for transfer.

14 FRI. Mcneece came in morng and said he had been to Wing about our application to transfer and that Wing Commander was coming over in afternoon. Told me I must say Blake had sworn at Officers before men if asked, but I refused as I had never asked men about it. In afternoon Col Longcroft held enquiry here and I was told I was ringleader of mutiny!! I told Col Longcroft Blake had apologised and that we were willing to carry on. I was warned about mutiny in future!! It made me laugh. I was told to seriously warn other Officers.

15 SAT.  Strong wind NW and hail squalls. At 6.40pm wind dropped and I went up to 750ft 30 mile wind. Could see nothing. Stayed up ½ an hour. Elverdinghe being shelled. Great strain on cable. Blake still very nice.

16 SUN.  Palm Sunday. Fine sunny morning. Light wind NW and ground mist. At midday Blake received orders to report at Wing HQ and I was placed in command. Blake transferred to Home Establishment. Wrote me very nice letter which he sent back by Daniels. View improved in afternoon and Balloon let up with Buchanan. Reached 3200ft. Telephone wire broke and Bennett’s finger nearly severed by wire. Gavin went up later. Mcneece called and strafed because balloon not up before.

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