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May 29 MON Fine still day. Balloon up all day. Had an awful letter from Brenda.

Forgotten rest. 7/6/16

May 30 TUES. Fine hot day. Balloon up all day. 7/6/16

May 31 WED. Fine hot day. Balloon up all day. 7/6/16

JUNE 1 THURS. Ascension Day. Service in wood at 8.30 a m. Followed by Communion. I was only officer present. Padre stopped to brekker. Balloons up in morning. Preston and Gavin. Winch shelled in morning whilst I was ground officer. 5.9 H E shells fell close to Farman winch. I went to holes and got a Tommy to dig me a fuze cap and pd him 2 Frs. Picked up splinters in wood 300 yds away.

2 FRI. Fine day

3 SAT. Fine day

4 SUN. Sunday after Ascension. Cold wet day. Windy no ballooning.

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