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2.30. It was quite a comfortable journey.


There was an air raid alarm on the way to London and the train was stopped and all light extinguished.


We reached London at about 10.30 pm and I was admitted to Endsleigh Palace Hospital, Endsleigh Gardens, NW 1 at about 11.30 pm.


I had a room to myself on the 3rd floor most of the time. Sir Rickman Godlee looked after me.


I was kept in bed and on my back till the 18th of January 1918 when the big wooden splint was taken away and a poro plastic one substituted. Sir Rickman Godlee did this and burnt my leg by putting on the splint too hot.


Xmas day. I was of course in bed. We were well looked after and had Turkey, Champagne and Port Wine.


The Sisters on the floor were Cramp, McGovern, Green and Skane.


On 25th January I had a Medical Board at Caxton Hall and was granted one months convalescence.


On the 3rd Feby 1918 I arrived

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