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6 March 1917

Misty windy day. No ballooning.

Visited No23 and 15 in afternoon. Received unserviceable M.T. parts from 23.

Attended Orderly Room of Wright who was charged with driving a lorry at excessive speed. Adjourned to enable Military Police to be present.


7 march 1917

Very windy cold day. No ballooning.

Went down to Boulogne in Colonel’s car and brought him back. Disc on wheels fitted the previous day. Sharp frost at night.


8 March 1917

Very windy day and cold. Wind N E. Snow in morning. No ballooning.

No 32 collected its transport from 2nd AAP.


9 March 1917

Cold snowy day. No ballooning.

Stringer and I selected b balloon beds. German aeroplane came over very low. About 2000ft.

Visited No 25 and inspected their new bed in wood. Instructed Morrison to get ground sheets eye lilted ready for quick erections.

Ascertained "Light House" at No 9 was working well and

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