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11th March (cont)

BMA 3 was inflated with gas in evening and took 161 full tubes, 3 duds, making 164 in all.


12 March 1917

Misty showery day. No ballooning.

BMA 3 was tested in the air and found satisfactory. BMS 23 was inflated with air and valve line alterations made.

Went to No 6 balloon Co and took technical stores for No 32. Visited No 9 and inspected BMS2.3. Rip panel partly unstuck.

Went to No 23 and examined BMS 20 which was leaking at rip panel. Owing to rain only temporary repairs could done. Instructions given for repairs to be completed as soon as the weather improved.

Inspected one of No 23 tenders with broken counter shaft. Gave instructions for cyclist to go to No 1 AD tomorrow to collect new part.

Went to No 15 and found everything correct.

Strafed Mason about not getting tubes to Steenwerck in time. Instructed Morrison to see that 25’s unserviceable lorry was put right as soon as possible.

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