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13 March 1917

Dull day. No ballooning.

Visited No15 with Col in morning and took Bevan and Church to new balloon positions.

Went to 6th Coy in afternoon and visited No 23 and 25 in new positions.

400 gas tubes arrived at Strenwerck

135       "        "           "    "      Bailleul.


14 March 1917

Dull day and no ballooning.

Went to 6 Coy and No9 Section BMS 23 and packed and moved for No 9 to No 23.

Visited No 25 and 32. Told Higman about getting magneto switchboard from Signals if possible.

No 15 commenced new balloon bed for 7th Coy’s new Section.


15 March 1917

Dull in morning . View in afternoon. Balloons up.

Visited No 7 Coy’s new balloon bed and had 4 trees brought up to Wing.

Went to No 23 with Col and had lunch there. Obtained particulars of spares required for Lancia chassis. Lunched at No 23. Visited their Vlamitingl camp after lunch.

Blot, Wilson, Jameson and Panter dined here.

BMS 23 tubes. BMS 23 inflated.

BMS 21 tubes.  BMS 21 inflated.

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