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29 March 1917

Dull wet day. No view. No ballooning.

Walked down to No 2 and 5 Co in afternoon.

Morrison very nervy. Russell came to dinner.

My tender being overhauled.


30 March 1917

Windy cold day. No ballooning. Splendid view. Hail storm.

EO’s conference here at 10am. Company Commanders came at same time. Col and I walked down to 7th Coy’s new Section Camp. Only a few men at work.

Col and Panter dined at No 9 Morrison went to Hospital.

Informed Martyn that 3 of No 32 lorries had Zenith carburettors and were only doing 3 m to a gallon. Also asked him to hasten tappett rollers for No23 Lancia Chassis.


31 march 1917

Windy day and wet. No ballooning.

Went to 6th Coy in morning and visited No25 Sectn with Stringer. Walked over proposed route for moving No 25 and 32 to their normal positions. Hodges went with us from 25’s temporary position.

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