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27 March 1917

Squally day and snow storms.

No 25 and 23 up for demonstration. Balloons in First Army up.

Colonel took Campbell to Chuingues (4th Army) in his car and visited Cols Boyle and Byng. Colonel slept at 4th Balloon Wing. Influenza and throat still bad. Did not go out.

Groghan lunched here and gave cough tabloids.

Grogan examined Morrison.

Bosh balloon at P29c burnt.


28 March 1917

Fine morning little wind W. Our balloons up before breakfast. Mist increased and prevented observation.

Col Murphy lunched here. No 15 had one shell land within 50 yards of winch. Col returned from 4th Wing.

Harding and Havers (No 1 AD) called to inspect No 32 winch. I did not go with them. Flu still troublesome . Bad throat.

Got 435 frs for men’s pay from Field Cashier in Bailleul. Russell returned after 8 weeks absence.

Meyler left on 4 days special leave, to be nominated as Labour MP.

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