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Crossed Bailleul – Nieppe Road without any trouble. It was dead calm just then.

Arrived at No25 Camp at 5.30pm. Wind had risen. No proper bed ready when they arrived. Balloon left on winch till dark whilst bed was being prepared.

Very long day and tired at end of it.

2 M S Hart being evacuated to England.

2 April 1917

Windy day. No ballooning.

No 25 busy making balloon bed at their new Camp.

Went to No 23 in morning and took Baker, their new Recording Officer, who arrived this morning.

Meyler came here to lunch. Went to No 25 in afternoon and inspected work on their new balloon bed.

Heavy snow fall in afternoon.

Poole went to 5th Coy.

Briggs arrived from No 1 AD to take Morrison’s place.

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