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3 April 1917

Snow blizzard in morning and gale SW. Roads impossible.

Thaw set in and most of snow gone by midday. Balloons up in afternoon.

No 2 Balloon shelled in air, but very bad shooting. Visited No 25 and took down 4 groundsheets and 10 (5ft) screw pickets. Went to 6th Coy, everything correct. Stringer arranged to let us have Armstrong Hut.

Visited 5th Coy Told them of mistakes in hasteners. Briggs arrived from No 1 AD to take over Morrison’s job.

Briggs arrived late last night.

Georghan lunched here.

Nelson went to Hospital.

Gilling reported sick.

No 9 collected new lorry to replace unserviceable No 21212.


4 April 1917

Wet morning.. Cleared up in afternoon. Balloons up in afternoon.

Went to No 15 in morning and explained new Type C parachute. Suggested they ascertained from No 23 how double rope from sling was made fast.

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