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1 May contd

his wrist. He died almost immediately on being removed from his machine. 

He was an Officer and was flying an old fashioned Albatross single seater machine.

Meyler and I were the first to arrive and took charge of machine. The Hun was dressed very shabbily in thick corduroy trousers without any puttees. Got button off his uniform.

Visited No 23 Sectn and had lunch with Meyler.

Took Martyn to 7th Corps Lighthouse which he inspected. He suggested it should be picketed with screw pickets. Martyn had tea here and got authority for Maxim guns which were issued by and collected from No 1 AD for No 38 and 39.

Went to No 25 and thoroughly examined their balloon in evening but we were unable to find a leak. Lift very poor.


2 May 1917

Fine misty day. Indifferent view.

BMS 59 (No 38 Sectn) inflated with 165 tubes. BMS 60 (No 39 Sectn) inflated with 165 tubes. Went to No 2 Sectn and tested double baskets on BM 35D. On the whole not satisfactory.

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