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2 May (contd)

Scammel winch P83 (No 9 Sectn) out of commission owing to bevel pinion on oil brake shaft being badly worn.


3 May 1917

Hot sunny day. Poor view but balloons up.

No 9 Section out of action owing to winch.

Winch J3 received from No1 AD and arrangements made to test it tomorrow.

New ratchets fitted to HS1 No 32 Sectn after balloon had hauled down this evening. Work completed by midnight. Corpl from No 1 AD superintended work. Baker here all day taking over from Panter.

No 32’s balloon attacked by German aeroplane during afternoon and Lt Stevenson made parachute descent. Hostile aeroplane followed him in parachute and fired at him with machine gun, without doing any damage. Hostile machine brought down by anti aircraft fire and landed at Abbeville with broken rudder.


4 May 1917 Fine sunny day.

Panter went to Hospital and

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