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11th July contd


Reserve balloon BMS 132 issued to No 15

140 38

BM411 25

FM 41, which was considered not fit to inflate by No32 Section was taken on charge of No 2 Section and reinflated.


The following gas was used to inflate these balloons.

BMS 132 tubes

BMS 140 tubes

FM 41 tubes

No 38 and 3 were up and doing work this evening.


Trouble with No 15 Section’s cable which had to be renewed as it got kinked in the fall. Nos 16 and 33 Sections inflated their balloon as follows.

BMS 137 No 33 Sectn tubes

BMA 8 No 16 Sectn tubes


Visited No 16 and 33 Sections after dinner, also 11th Coy HQ and dump.

Reserve balloons BMS 1`42, 143 and FM 92 and 93 allotted and collected from 1AD

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