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16th July 1917 Contd

and 16 were attacked by E A. No 9 and 32 were holed. BMS135D (No 9 Section) had 20 holes made in it.

BMS 128 (No 32 Sectn) had 18 holes made.


At 5pm 2 enemy machines attacked No 38 and 15 and some of the balloons in the 5th Wing. No 38’s balloon (BMS 140) was burnt. Lts Giffard and Greenwell both made successful parachute descents.


No 15’s balloon (BMS132) was holed by EA. 120 holes were made in it. Lt Bevan and Phipps successfully parachuted. Reserve balloon BMS143D allotted to No 38 Section and inflated with tubes. Their balloon was in the air by 8.30pm. All balloons in air tonight.


17th July 1917

Hot sunny day. Misty in morning. Good view in afternoon.


Visited dump and ascertained there were 196 full tubes there, which I allotted to No 47 Section.

Went to No 38 and found that

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