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15 July contd

to 5th Coy HQ.

Visited No 32 Section and inspected their reserve balloon FM 92D and examined alterations to valve line. The balloon appeared to be good.


Went to No 9 to lunch and brought back Blot to 5th Coy, as he was going from there to Tilques for a course.


Called at No 47 Section and inspected work on new balloon bed. Told Mason to get on with machine gun stands. 2 Maxim guns allotted for No 47 Section and collected from 1 AD.


16th July 1916

Low clouds and misty in morning. Good view in afternoon.


Rose, from 1AD, came over and tested gas taken from No 32’s balloon which was holed by shell fire on the 13th inst. It was found to be only 83% purity and condemned.


Visited No 47 Section and inspected their new balloon BMS 90, which was quite satisfactory. Valve line alterations carried out.


At 4.30pm Nos 9, 32, 33

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