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24th July 1917

Very hot, hazy, still day. No view in morning.


No 16 Section’s Winch, SM was hit by shell fire last night, but neither winch nor chassis engine was damaged. Windscreen broken and wings pierced.


Visited No 25 Section and examined BMA 11(Reserve) which appeared quite all right. Suggested one panel on port side stern be patched inside to stop leak min diagonal seam. Holes to be patched inside.


Went to No 16 Section and examined their winch, which had been hit by shell fire during night. No serious damage done. Called at 5th Coy and inspected their store and cables.


25th July 1917

Still misty day, no view, very little ballooning.


Went to 7th Coy and inspected their workshop and stores. Visited No 38 and 15 with Nicholson and inspected transport and vehicles. Also machine gun stands.

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