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25th July contd

Instructed Nicholson to write up and complete No 28 Section’s loose leaf ledger at once.


3 Tube Trailers collected from 2nd AAP.


26th July 1917

Very misty morning. Cleared in afternoon. Balloons all up at 4.30pm.


No 32’s balloon BMS 135 was shelled in air and hit. This balloon had been hit so often and the gas was bad, so it was condemned and Reserve balloon BMA 11 issued in its place.


No 38’s balloon BMS 132 was shelled in the air and hit. About 8 holes made in it.


Visited No 25 Section and inspected work on winch. Petrol pressure pump and new petrol tank fitted today.


Called at No 16 and ascertained 30 holes made in their balloon BMS 139 by shell fire on the ground.


Casualty (wounded) at No 38 Section by shelling at night.

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