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2nd August 1917

Wet day and night. No ballooning. Visited 5th and 17th Coys in afternoon and took binoculars over to them.


Went to No 47s new camp and inspected their stores tent.



3rd August 1917

Wet dull day. No ballooning. E O’s meeting in morning. Nothing of importance arose.


Wind screen basket sent to 1st Balloon Wing. Bevan and Phipps went with it.

Highman and Baker went to Candas and picked Whitfield, who was posted from Hospital to No 9 Sectn. Blot and I went to Pop.


4th August 1917

Hot misty day. No view. Rain in afternoon.

Finished indents in morning and went to 2nd A.A.P in afternoon and handed them to McEvoy.


Martyn took me to Witermesse and we visited Cavalry Balloon No 19 Sectn.

Neame turned up there. I explained that wet weather had prevented our inflating BMS 156.

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