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He authorised us to return what single observer baskets we liked.


5th August 1917

Hot misty day. No view. Two balloons up but view too bad for work.


Visited No 47 Sectn in morning and inspected their parachutes and arranged to issue them with two others from our reserve with new type caps..


Went to No 32 and inspected their present balloon bed in de Brocken Road. Visited their camp and found everything in order.


Went to No 2 Sectn and thoroughly inspected and examined BMS 156, which had the valve in the bow. The idea appears feasible but the sleeve to prevent gas entry hole where valve line penetrates balloon seems bad.

Called at 5th Coy.


6th August 1917

Dull misty day. No view. Examination of Observers on Probation held at Wing at 10 am. Higman and I were board. Cameron, North and Greenwell were

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