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being shelled. One landed close to Bolitho and me.

Visited 16th Sectn at their new forward position, everything all right.

Went to 17th Coy’s balloon exchange and investigated cause of bad speaking between 47 Sectn, 17th Balloon Coy and Wing. Arranged for 47 Sectn to run a line to 17th Coy’s exchange.

2 Lt Thomas and working party of 20 men arrived to improve no 2 dump. Took Thomas to CRO IX Corps and arranged about material.

270 tubes arrived at No 5 dump and were unloaded.


14th September 1917

Windy in morning, fine in afternoon.. Good view and all balloons up.

EO’s meeting held.

Went to No 9 Section and inspected new portable balloon screen.

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