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11th Sept contd

to 1 AD.

No 9’s balloon BMA 9 was hit by shell fire and almost 40 holes made. The basket was also hit.

No 47 partly kinked their new cable whilst putting it onto winch.

FM 93 inflated with tubes.


12th September 1917

Windy day. No view. No ballooning.

Went to 5th Coy and visited No 2, 25 and 16 with Mason and inspected transport.

Examined No 16’s balloon BMS 135 which was leaking at nearly all diagonal seams. T

Tested No2’s balloon BMS 72 which was also leaking at some of diagonal, but still had a good lift.

Went to 7th Coy in morning.

13th September 1917

Windy dull day. Balloons up in afternoon for a short time.

Went to No 47 in morning and took Bolitho to forward position up Derby Road. Walked back and reconnoitred County for moving balloon. The district was being shelled.

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