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8th October 1917

Dull windy day. No view. No ballooning. Heavy rain in afternoon and night and gale during the night.

Took Delahaye winch No to 36 Section.

Went to No 25 Section and inspected their winch (SN 518) which had been giving trouble in chassis engine.

Took Dreshfeld to Hazebruck.

Talked to Lee about forwarding our indents intact to 1 AD with remarks column complete.


9th October 1917

Very windy morning but clear.

Zero hour at 5.20 am Called at 5am. Blowing a gale.

Tested tension with No 16’s balloon at about 11am. About 750 kilos. One balloon per Coy went up.

Visited Nos 9 and 47 also 11th Coy in afternoon.

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