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31 MON.

Slept C. Stewarts

Dinner. V nice.



Left Charing X 9.10 Arrived Folkestone 12.33. Left Folkestone 5pm.

Arrived Boulogne 8pm. Leaving for GHQ abt 10pm. Dined at Louvre Hotel Boulogne.

Life belts worn crossing. Channel Steward told me airship had seen German Submarine in Channel on Sunday

2 WED.

Arrived St Omer 8 am. Reported to GHQ. Waited for tender till 4pm Report Cassell. Arrived Steenwerck 6pm. Turned in 9.30pm.


Too much wind for balloon. 2 Hun aeroplanes flying over camp. Kelly and I went to Canadian H Q observation post at Brizec Church. Saw Hun over trenches.

4 FRI.

35 mile wind. Erected anor wind screen for balloon. Our M cyclist reported meeting suspect spy.

5 SAT.

Windy morning. Balln went up at 2pm. Grant and I stayed up till 4pm. Grant fainted. Gave him brandy. I did observation for a battery on 2 targets. Saw Ypres, Armentieres, Lille etc. Very clear, fairly rough in balloon.

6 SUN.

5th after Epiphany. Windy day. I was Orderly Officer. Got up at 6.30 and took wind with Gregg for 4 heavy French guns. 9.2in which arrived last night. Too much wind for balloon or aeroplanes. Photo taken outside Mess.

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