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6 MON. Cold and dull. Walked with Campbell to his Detachment up hill towards Wimereux. Looked over cliff and saw Curlew and Oyster Catchers and large flock of black duck. Walked round ramparts and called on Mdme Trogneux IMONs. T died in Paris about fortnight ago. She looked very ill and aged about 20 years. Recd letters. First for a week.

7 TUES. Sleeting and snowing all day. Did not go out. Wrote long letter to Brenda, Higham families etc. Still have nasty cough which keeps me awake at night.

8 WED. Ash Wednesday. Snowing and very cold. Terrific explosion outside harbour last night at 1.30. Shook Hospital. Ascertd it was a mine. An ammunition ship is Sunk just outside Harbour. She collided with mine but had no ammunition on board. Cleared up later and went for a walk. Pictures in evening.

9 THUR. Fine Sunny day. English Airship passed over at 10.15am. Infd I should be discharged by Sat 11th for light duty at Base. Applied for leave to return direct to my Sectn. Sister promised to see Dr about it. Trained to Wimereaux in afternoon and walked back. Saw two poachers ferreting on cliff on way home. Heard ammunition ship torpedoed, not mined. Went to pictures in evening. Tea at Givenes.

10 FRI. Dull damp day. Dr sd I might go back to my Sectn either tomorrow or Sunday. Wld let me know which. Went to Notre Dame with Campbell. Bot Brenda brooch, gold 75gm. Tea at Cavenos. Met Crowe RAMC. Went to pictures. No mail today. Heard Folkestone and Dover are both closed and that big naval battle going on in North Sea. Large British torpedo boat came in about 2.30.

11 SAT. Dull day. Ascertained I could be discharged from Hospital at 2pm today. Did Peacock highaw in morning. Sister gave me box of chocolates. Left Hospital at 2.30pm. Report at Base Commandants Office about order to get pass to St Omer. Ascertained that train left at 4.22 pm. Cocoa at canteen before leaving. Arrived St Omer at 8.30 pm. Rept at HQ kept waiting till 10pm. Told to report at 9.30am tomorrow. Went to Taille d’or for night. Filthy place. Met Capt Edwards, Chapln.

12 SUN. 1st in Lent. Quadragesima. Rept at GHQ at 9.30am. Infd I must report again at 2pm. Went for walk. Wrote long letter to Brenda. Her birthday. Reptd at 2pm. Car from 11 Wing took 20 Equipment Officers and me to Cassel. 11 Wing. Did know I was coming. They sent me on to pst camp about 3 miles NE of Poperinghe. Arrived about 5.30pm and received by Capt Blake and Buchanan. Heard balloon had been shelled and hit first time on 6th March.

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