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28 MON.

Not feeling so well. Temp over 100. V bad night. Could not sleep. Capt Marshall came in afternoon and ordered me to go to No2 casualty clearing Stn Bailleul. Ambulance sent for and I was taken there as a stretcher case. Put to bed and given sleeping draft.

29 TUES.

Called at 7am and told I was to be sent to a base Hospital. Put on board Red X train at 11.30. Left Bailleul at 12. Called at Hazebruck, Rheims, Poperinge and Calais and reached Boulogne 10.30 pm and taken to No 7 Staff Hospital. I was very comfy and in pyjamas all the time.


Called 6.30am breakfast 7.30. Splendid hot bath after breakfast. This is Princes Hotel, opposite entrance to Casino grounds. Very comfy. Beautiful spring day. Watched shipping. French submarines going in and out. Ordered to stay in bed today.


Got up after lunch went down stairs feeling rather weak. Nasty cough appearing. Went to bed at 8pm. Could not hear of Jimmy. Expect he is at another Hospital. Casino opposite is No 13 General Hospital.

3 FRI.

 Got up for lunch. Bad day. Raining. Rain stopped after tea. Went for walk for ½ an hour, still rather weak. Have no appetite and hate the sight of food. My ward on 5th floor. The food always excellent. Steam trawlers are all converted into armed mine-sweepers, each boat has a gun mounted in the bows.

4 SAT.

 Very bad weather, snowing and sleet. Went for walk after lunch. Appetite a bit better but have a very nasty cough. Getting stronger.

5 SUN.

Quinquagesima. Fine sunny day but very cold. Went for walk along front in morning and listened to an indifferent band on front in afternoon. Crowds of people listening to band. Tried to find Jimmy but could not.

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