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12 MON. Whit Monday. Wet windy day. Preston, Gavin, Dunstan and Nops lunched at Squadron HQ. We all went to Hazebruck and saw Preston off, who was going to England on duty. Preston stood bottle of champagne at Station. Went to 2nd A.A.P. and handed in fortnightly indents. Bought fish etc.

13 TUES. Very wet windy day. No ballooning. Did not go out till after tea. Went for walk to Loore, and visited No 2 Sects old Ground. Got very wet.

14 WED. Very wind and cold. Visited No 2 Sectn and stayed to tea. Major Connor dined at Squadron HQ. Day light saving bill starts tonight at 11 pm and all clocks are to be put on one hour.

15 THUR. Very windy and cold. Badly missed my hours sleep last night. First day of Day light Saving Bill. All clocks put on one hour at 11pm last night. Visited no 2 Sectn in afternoon and stayed to tea. Made arrangements about 2nd AAP concert at Nieppe.

16 FRI. Finer day, wind NE. Cold but sunny. Capt Goldsmith visited Squadron in morning. Took him to No2 and showed him balloon. Brought him and Bateman back to lunch. Then went to No 9 and stayed to tea. Two new officers here when we returned for No 2 Sectn. Terrific strafe began at about 9pm and went on till 4am. At 1am Gas alarm. I borrowed a Gas helmet as mine was at No2 Sect. No gas came this way.

17 SAT. Fine morning. Sunny, NE wind and cold. No9 Sect were gassed last night, but not badly. Went over to No2 and held Ct Martial on Bates for dropping loaded leoriel. Sentence forfeit 14 days pay.

18 SUN. Trinity Sunday. Fine day. Warmer. Splendid view. Went to Hazebruck for Stores and took Wilkins and Oliver with me. Had tea with Maj Connor. Macneice dined with his Regt. Noticed he was mentioned in despatches. Also 2Lt S Hart. Had hot bath in Wilkins bath. First bath since 22 May!

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