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31 MON. Very misty. Went to No 9 in morning and inspected inside their new balloon. Terrific heat inside. Riggers were working inside stark naked. Over 200 patches put on inside. Balloon inflated with gas at 9.25pm. 158 tubes used.

Went to No 15 in afternoon. Major Mcneece and Gulling went in afternoon after tea. Burnett gave concert at Remminghelst, Came up here afterwards and had drink.

Aug. 1 TUES. Boiling hot day. Went to Westoutre and saw 2MS Hart in hospital. Lunched here. Went to Bailleul in afternoon and drew pay for men and did shopping. Called on Raffles on way back and brought him here for tea.

Took Capt Fielden to Burnetts concert at Remminghelst. Very good indeed. Had dinner here at 9.30 pm. Balloon up at 5pm.

2 WED. Very hot day. Raffles birthday, No ballooning. Very misty, Dined at No 2. Very merry evening. Heaps of champagne about. Went to Hazebruck in morning with Fulton. Lunched at Hotel de Ville.

3 THUR. Very hot day. Went to No 15 in morning and had lunch there. I inspected their balloon bed and wind screens.  Played in cricket match against AA battery. We won by 32 runs. I made 1 run.  Russell and Gilling dined here. Raffles, Fielden and Thornton came up here and played poker after dinner. Raffles made 450 Frs. Maclean and Fulton dined here as well.

4 FRI. Much cooler. Strong wind all morning and misty. View improved in afternoon. I went to No 15 and had tea and afterwards went up with Russell in their balloon. Very windy about 30 miles an hour. At 2000ft blew away tail parachutes. Hauled down and put balloon to bed.

Called at Westoutre and saw 2MS Hart. Still in bed and not much better. Drs afraid of appendicitis. Owen and Herring dined here. Fire in evening.

5 SAT. Much cooler. Good view in morning. All 3 balloons up. Went to Hazebruck in afternoon with indents.

Capt Lee heard he was not being appointed to C/O 2nd AAP. No letters either today or yesterday. Brenda at the Lodge. Raffles came up after dinner and chatted about gas masks etc.
6 SUN. 7th after Trinity. Warmer, very little wind. View fair at 9.30 am.

Went to No 9 and had lunch came back here. Played cricket.

Col Longcroft, Capts Ford and Barton came here and watched 15 of our aeroplanes dropping phosphor bombs. All Bosh balloons were down before they started. Crops were set on fire but otherwise no damage done. Walked to anti aircraft battery with Major. Our Squadron boy caught fine young hare.

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