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7 MON. Bank Holiday. Dull in morning. Good view early.

All German balloons up. No 15 and 9 both shelled. No 15 were not touched and shelling was long way off. No 9 was hit by a shell bursting 30 yds away.

Genl Wilkinson 50th Divn came up in morning and I explained country to him. Bought shell and fuse at Steenwerck for 5 frs.

8 TUES. Very misty morning. Exceedingly hot.

Went to No 15 and examined where shelling took place yesterday, which was ½ a mile away. Had tea at No 9. Their balloon had 25 holes made in it yesterday. Brought back Fulton and Nops to dinner and then went to Burnetts “Foglifters” at Reningheld. Excellent concert.

9 WED. Very hot day view cleared about 2pm and balloons went up. No shelling. Sent men to baths. I went to Hazebruck in afternoon and saw Jenkinson in hospital there. Played cricket in evening.

10 THUR. Hot misty day. No ballooning. Went to No 15 and delivered stores. Played cricket in evening.

11 FRI. Very hot day. No ballooning.

Squadron played at cricket. No 15 won. I made 7 runs. Afterwards went to Burnett’s concert. Two new people in who were excellent. Burnett and Capt Lee dined here. Major McN went to no 10 Sectn and returned about 11.30 pm.

12 SAT. Very hot day. Misty and no view. No ballooning.

Went to no 15 Sectn in morning and came back to lunch. Found Hindy (Hayne) here. He seemed very mad. He lunched here and was afterwards taken to Hospital. He was very strange.

Went to No 2 and 9 in afternoon. Watched cricket match between Australian and No 9 in afternoon. No 9 beaten. Stringer came here to dinner. Hendy taken to hospital. Nerves gone.

13 SUN. 8th after Trinity. Much cooler. Misty up to 11am. Then cleared. Balloon up. Strong wind freshening towards evening.

Walked to No 2 with Major and dined there and walked back. Went to No 15 to lunch. Tension for No 15’s cable 13 cwts in gusts.

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