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11 MON. Very still morning. Fair view. Went up in No2’s balloon in evening. Very unsteady. View fair. Nothing doing. Dined at No2 and walked back.

12 TUES. Still day but very misty. No ballooning.

Went to all 3 sections in morning about maps etc. Went to St Omer in afternoon for new cable on no2 also Radiator. Took Gavin. Dined at Café Vincent.; Poor dinner, arrived back at 11pm.

13 WED. Dull day. No view. Rained most of afternoon. Went to No2 and 15 in morning. Lunched at No15. Expected Genl Webb-Bowen. Dined at No2. Major Macneece and two Canadian Gunners there too. They played poker.

14 THUR. Very windy cold day. Rained hard most of day. Went to No15’s lamp positions for night work with Russell. Had tea at No15. Selected spot for making Silicol.

15 FRI. Fairly windy day.

Walked down to No2 and had lunch. Went over to No9 in afternoon for tea and took screw pickets. Dined there and walked down to No2 balloon after dinner with Major. He and Owen went up in balloon but were unable to pick up their two lights.

16 SAT. Cold day and rather windy. Splendid view. Wind N Balloons up all day.

Bgde Major and Gen Webb-Bowen came here in morning and instructed me to inform No 29 Squadron if Bosh balloons were up, giving position on map.

We had a big raid at night. I went out in charge of No2’s balloon’s guiding lights. My position was about 500yds from trenches and just in front of our batteries. No Bosh shells came anywhere near but there were plenty of machine gun bullets whizzing about. I took my tin helmet.

17 SUN. 13th after Trinity. No view and nothing doing. We captured 22 prisoners last night. The balloon work was very satisfactory.

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