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2 MON. Wet still day.

Went to Belgian balloon in morng with Major and Russell. It was burnt yesterday by a German aeroplane. Both Observers jumped out with parachutes but burning balloon fell on one parachute and Observer was killed. The other one landed safely.



4 WED. Wet all day. No ballooning. Expected Inspector of Winches, But he didn’t turn up. Went to Bailleul in morning and bought fish and stores.

5 THUR. Very windy day. No ballooning.

Went to Pop with Bolitho. He bought some souvenirs. Lunched at No2. Flgt Sergt Palmer, Inspector of winches, arrived about 3pm. Took him to No15 and examined their winch which he condemned. Then went to No9. Their winch was all right. Dined here alone.

6 FRI. Windy day, no ballooning.

Major went to No2 early and found no one up. Flgt Sergt Ballard in bed at 8am. Had him up at 10.30 and severely reprimanded him. Raffles went on leave.

7 SAT. Windy bright day until 1pm when there were heavy rain squalls.

Went to No2 and took summary of evidence in charge against Keech about sugar. Handed in Summary to 16th Division. Gavin (no2) lunched here. Took him to Hazebruck in Major’s car and had glass fitted in windscreen. Very cheery time. Tea and dined at 2nd A A P’s. Danced afterwards.

8 SUN. 16th after Trinity. Dull windy day. Went to No15 and inspected their spare winch from St Omer, in bad order. Returned it to 1 A D. No ballooning.

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