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9 MON. Windy day. No view no ballooning. Went to Bailleul in morning with Gavin and Owen.

Called at No1 Squadron and had 2 cocktails each called Hush-Hush. Very good and livening. Bought Sauternes. Omitted to make arrangements that people were coming to lunch. Col Murphy and Major Edwards lunched here.

Went to Cassell and Hazebruck. Dined at 2nd A A P. Met Stringer at 12 midnight on his return from leave.

10 TUES. Very windy clear day. No ballooning Went to O. P . in front line trenches in front of Wysehefte. Everything quiet Very good view of Wysehefte. Went to 15 Sect in afternoon and had tea. Dined here alone.

11 WED. Dull windy day.

Genl Lane, 9th Corps Heavies, had breakfast. Mushrooms on toast and kippers, much appreciated. No ballooning, dined at No2 and played roulette, about even.

Ct Martial fixed for tomorrow in front of Kemmel at 10.30am.

12 THUR. Attended Ct Martial of Keech at N16 C 2.9. Went in tender but was stopped before reaching Kemmel. Had to march the rest of the journey. Was told to go to Siege Farm, but on arriving found this was a mistake for York House, which was ½ a mile further on. Within 2000 yards of the line.

13 FRI. Very windy dull day. Russell and Bradford came to lunch. Hart and Sergt Junor went to No15 and took over from Bedwell. Owen went on leave. I took him to Hazebruck via Cassell. No ballooning.

14 SAT. Dull windy day. No 2 and 9 tried to balloon but had to come down as it was too windy.

Genl Webb-Bowen appointed to Squadrons and asked Major to recommend someone. Whittaker came to tea.

15 SUN. 17th after Trinity. Dull windy day.

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