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23 MON. Windy day. No ballooning.

24 TUES. Windy day

25 WED. Cold wet day. No ballooning. Went to No1 Squadron with Berry who was tested as a Fitter. Met Fulton there. Walked round their aerodrome.

26 THUR. Very wet windy cold morning.

No 23 due to arrive at Pesclhork at 10 am. Went to No4’s old camp and superintended moving of huts from wood to road. Had working party from No2 and 15. Transport arrived at 9am. Met rest of Sectn at Pop at 7pm. Fine evening. Balloons up in afternoon.

27 FRI. Windy wet day. Still have bad cold. Went to No 23 in morning and took Mayler to see Hugh E.W. Brought him and Jameson back for lunch. Whittaker came to tea. Did indents in afternoon, and balloons up after lunch.

28 SAT. Windy wet day. No ballooning.

29 SUN. 19th after Trinity. Windy wet day. No ballooning. Went to to No23 in morning. Lunched at No15. Dined at No2. Major ill with flue.

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