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30 OCT MON. Very windy, wet day. Visited No2, 15 and 23. No ballooning. Major ill. Went for run before breakfast.

31 TUE. Very windy day but no rain. Went to Hazebruck with Raffles, and stayed to dinner with 2nd A A P. Got back about 1am. Collected stores. No ballooning.

NOV 1st. WED. All Saints Windy showery day. Went to No15 and 23 in morning and delivered stores. Visited No2 and 9 in afternoon.

Whittaker, Raffles, Bolitho and Gilling came to dinner and played poker. Signs of my cold returning. Went for run in morning.

2 THUR. Windy day. No ballooning. Cold better.

3 FRI. Cold raw day.

Started on leave at about 10am, with Thornton. Arrived at Hazebruck at 10.00am and went to Statn and left luggage. I intended going by 3.13pm to Boulogne but motored to St Omer met with Bush and tried to catch train going to Boulogne, but missed it. I was called back to No15 owing to balloon breaking away. Thornton went on.

4 SAT. Back at Squadron. Got new balloon for No15 and one for No23. Both inflated today ready to ascend but wind too high.

5 SUN. 20th after Trinity. Very windy day. Started on leave again and tried to catch 10.13am at Hazebruck but missed it owing to having luggage. Caught the same train at St O. Arrived Boulogne at 2.30. No boat starting owing to heavy gale. Met Gavin (No9) stayed at Louver at Boulogne.

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