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8 MON. Had my second dose of inoculation at 3pm. Buchanan went with me. About ½ hr afterwards began to feel really bad. Felt awfully ill that night. Very feverish and yet my teeth chattered. Turned in early. Dr said I should not be so bad this time. Dr’s name Mcmutrie.

9 TUES. Feeling like nothing on earth. Even worse that before. Semi unconscious all morning. Could not eat anything all day. Very wet and blustery. No ballooning.

10 WED. Still feeling a bit rotten, but ever so much better. Up in balloon in evening.

11 THUR. Went tp 13 Bgde O P “Dead man’s cot” about 1500 yds from trenches. Observed calibration of 4.7 in gun and 2.60 pounders on Salteaux House. At O P from 12 to 4pm. Went part of way back with Capt Lovett. Arranged to meet car at Trours Chateau on Brielen Rd. Could not find car. Got lost and found myself in front of 60 pdrs which were firing and Huns suddenly started retaliation. Shells bursting uncomfortably close. Eventually found car taking cover under thick tree. Pop being shelled when we returned.

12 FRI. My leave came through at 10am. Went to Squadron H Q at 12.30 and got my papers. Lunched with Mcneece and Capt Warren. Warren drove me in tender to Hazebruck. Left Hazebruck by train at 3.13 pm and arrived Boulogne 8.30 pm. Dined at Hotel Paris. Slept Louvre in attic. No boat till 8.30am tomorrow.

13 SAT. Cold dull day, saw Embarkation Officer and got 24hrs extension of leave as I had been unable to catch boat on 12th. Leave from 12th to 22nd, extension to 23rd. Fine crossing. Arrived London at 6.30 pm. Went to Jays and bought B a ring. Lunch with Stewarts. Saw Dr Heath at 4.15pm. Sd my hearing much worse and must stop ballooning. Gave me cert. Arrived home at 9.30pm Saw Brenda and baby. Slept at Hawkins.

14 SUN. 3rd after Easter. Went to Church in morning. Cloisters in afternoon. Frightfully fed up at the way things are going at home. Joannie the only redeeming feature. Gave Brenda her ring, fairly pleased with it. Govenor sent message by mother asking me to take case on Tuesday. Refused owing to no practisg Cert.

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