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15 MON. Went into Colchester in car and pd bills. Hardly saw Brenda at all. Nurse and other people continually in and out. Apparently no desire to see me alone at all. Getting more fed up. Beautiful weather. Brenda got into chair.

16 TUE. Colchester in morning. Rook shooting in afternoon at Horkesley Park. Saw Capt Kelso, very nice. Dined ay Hawks. As Brenda obviously does not want me very much, decided to keep away, but it nearly kills me. Shot 17 rooks. Hawks, Slade, another and myself.

17 WED. Went to Office on Pa’s orders. Spent all mrng there. He made arrangements to go to London to attend a hearing of Coy Ct case. Cooke and Bareham at C E J’s Chambers . Took Brenda and “Co” For little run in car in evening.

18 THUR. Went to London by 9.40 am train. Attended case at C E J Chambers. Ellis Hill did it. Did not get back till 5pm. Frightfully hot. Very fed up, hating my leave, and longing to get back. Called on Aunt Annie and Mrs Phelps. Lunched at Holborn Restaurant.

19 FRI. Took Brenda and co for run in car and Registered Pen’s birth. Beautiful day. Had B to myself for ½ an hour for 1st time. Dr Clowes came and disturbed us. Wanted her to rest upstairs after tea, but she made excuse that she couldn’t get up stairs. I offered to carry her, but that was rejected. Cannot understand her icy coldness.

20 SAT. Went to Colchester in morning. Post recd about 1pm and found letter from Nelson telling me not to avail myself of 24 hours extension but to return on Monday. Balloon going 80 miles South. Made arrangements to leave that evening for London. Christened Pen at 2.30. Connie came down for it. Returned to Town with Connie by 6.35 train. Dined at Cafe Royal. Slept at Connies.

21 SUN. 4th after Easter. Ascertained leave train left Victoria at 7.50 am tomorrow. Called on Warner about 12. Lunched with him and Sybil. Hired Daimler and went to Wisley to tea in afternoon. Dined at Troc, no drinks. Went mufti on Sunday night to Ramseys. There till 1am. Back to Warners. Slept at his till 5.30am. Wore mufti on Sunday night for 1st time. Daylight saving bill began. Lost 1 hrs leave.

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