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15 MON. Very cold. Snowed a bit today. Looks like heavy downfall. No ballooning.

16 Tue. Cold day, snowed hard during night. Found my room half covered with snow in morning. Went to 23 in afternoon.

17 WED. Snowy cold day. Went down to Locon and saw rugby. Took Campbell. Lunched with Roxby and inspected his balloon bed. No ballooning. Balloons ice bound.

18 THUR. Cold day, snowing and damp.

Heard I might be going on leave on 28th. Very pleased as I am not due till 14th February. Went to No2 in morning. Capt Child dined here and played poker. Balloon ice bound.

19 FRI. Very cold day. 3 or 4 inches of snow on ground. Meeting of E O’s at Wing. Went to 6th Compy to lunch and arranged to take Stringer to Hazebruck on leave tomorrow. No ballooning today. l Night show tonight No15 up.

20 SAT. Dull cold day. No ballooning. Took Stringer to Hazebruck on leave. Went through indents at 2nd A A P. Stringer lunched there. Visited No2 in morning.

21 SUN. 3rd after Epiphany Cold day and dull. Visited 23 and inspected their new balloon position and bed.

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