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22 MON. Very cold day freezing hard. Engaged all day taking evidence on Court of Enquiry investigating Bailey death last night at Meteren. Finished Court at 10.45pm.

23 TUE. Exceeding cold day. 20 degrees of frost at No2 this morning.

Attended Bailey’s funeral at Bailleul at 10am this morning. German aeroplane looking on most of the time. Dined with Purcell at 2nd Wing.

24 WED. Very cold day. Still freezing hard over 20 degrees at night. Soda water frozen and bottles broken.

Went to No9 with Lt Dixon and F Sgt Palmer. Examined and tested new winch. Refused to work. No ballooning.

25 THUR. Very cold. Hard frost. Sunny and crisp.

26 FRI. Very cold indeed and freezing hard. Went to 23, 15 and 9. Going on leave tomorrow if I can raise a lift to the base. Leave stopped for all train goers.

27 SAT. Intensely cold. Freezing 24 degrees.

Col arranged a lift down to Boulogne for men in Archie car. Left here at 8.30am. Started from Baillieul at 9am in car with French interpreter and Archie gunner named Morton. Very perilous journey. Roads all ice. Arrived Boulogne at 1pm. Had lunch. Wangled passage on ship although my leave does not start officially till tomorrow. Arrived home at 1am.

28 SUN. 4th after Epiphany. Went to Church at Horkesley with Brenda.

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