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26 Janry 1917

 Visited No 23 and examined their rigging. Corpl (Smith) on parachute packing satisfactory. Machine gun stand finished. Two copper pipes in winch radiator broken owing to intense cold. Repairs proceeding. Lashbrook packed one very well.

Left soup and clothing there..

Went to No 9 in afternoon and tested new winch P83. Balloon let up in ballast (15 bags). Let up to 200ft and tried to haul down. Engine stopped 3 times. Tension 15 cwt on winch tension meter, 600 kilos on French instrument. Fourth attempt hauled down.

Let up again to 300 ft. Tension 16 Cwt. Hauled down satisfactorily first time.

Let up again to 500 ft. Tension 18 cwt. Stopped twice and then hauled down 100ft. Stopped again. Tension 18 cwt. Wind rising. After eight unsuccessful attempts, hauled down.

Very cold day and trouble due to carburation. All oil and grease partly frozen and very thick.

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