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28 Febry (cont)

I inspected work. New balloon ready for air at 3.30pm. Three quarters of old gas put in new balloon and about 47 tubes of new gas used for topping up.

Balloon went up to 1300ft with 20 bags (about 600lbs) and was hauled down.

Capt Mayler made ascent to 2000ft with 8 bags and it would have gone higher, no view.

Harding, (No1 AD) came to lunch.

Winch P97 handed over to No 23. Worked quite well. Slight leak in radiator.

Balloon BMS 21 taken in charge of No 25 Sectn.

Visited No 15 and put their new g balloon up. Lift satisfactory. Went up vertically over winch to 1000ft with 12 bags.

Rang up 2nd AAP about ropes etc for balloon beds and hastened them.

135 empty tubes sent to Paris.

1 March 1917

Fine day. Very little wind. Good view. Balloons up all day.

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