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1 March (cont)

Met Meyler at Vlamatinghe new position at 9.30 am. Visited proposed new site for balloon bed and camp. Handed him Court Martial papers to complete and charge sheet against Maddison.

No 2 balloon was shelled at 2.15pm today. No damage. Winch removed to track from old billets to Balloon bed. No 9’s balloon attacked by aeroplane. Balloon not hit. Bolitho and Montague Smith made parachute descents.

Went to No 2 and saw them go up again at about 4.30pm.

No 2’s revolvers returned as they were not oiled and rusty.

6 German balloons up.


2 March 1917

Foggy cold day. No ballooning.

Meeting of E’s held here. Discussed petrol return and urged necessity of keeping all vehicles up to concert pitch. Explained new system of drawing stores by Coy on alternate Thursdays.

Played against No15 in football match.


3 March 1917

Cold misty f day. No ballooning.

Attended Court Martial of Roseblade at No 23 Sectn. Found guilty. Took indents to 2nd AAP. Informed that the word “Urgent” would no longer be used on indents.

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