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16 March 1917

Windy dull day. No ballooning.

Visited 6th Coy and No9 Sectn. Went to 32’s No 2 camp with Stringer and inspected balloon bed and huts. Visited No 25 and 32 in afternoon. Ascertained Montague-Smith was responsible for mistake in tubes. No 32 sent off 153 empty tubes instead of 135.

Meeting of Equipment Officers held and Move Orders discussed. Had tea at Estaines with Stringer.


17 March 1917

Windy day. No ballooning.

Capt Martyn Brigade E O, called here and I took him to 6th Coy and from there to Lighthouse close to Steinwerck. Informed him of trouble with No 9’s machine gun. Instructed me not to trouble about lorry park for 7th Coy’s new Section.

Went to 2nd AAP in afternoon with indents. Bush told me rubber tubing for head lamps was coming.


18 March 1917

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